Monday, January 29, 2007

"If this is the America, then what is Afghanistan?"

I used to look at the west with amusement. Despite all its flaws, it was post-modern to me. Not any more. Not after this news.

The Federal Way school district (Washington) is restricting students from watching Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" in class. Some nutcase fanatic filed a complaint demanding alternative explanations. The earth is 14,000 years old. It is said in the Bible that everything will "burn up" as Doom's Day nears. They have been expecting it for 3,500 years now. That is what should be taught and the movie should not be viewed at all.


If this is America, then what is Afghanistan?

Such fanatic explanations are understandable when human origin is the issue. It gives me great pride to believe that my fore-father came down all divine and complete from Heaven. Yet, it's hard for me to deny the little tail-bone. Evolution may be a less respectable explanation, but it is the only logical explanation around. However stupid the theory of "Intelligent Theory" may sound, it is somewhat acceptable; but definitely not this kind of nonsense.

What is next? Should the kids be taught that the earth is round, but it is flat too? Should they be told that the solar system is helio-centric, but then again the earth is the center too?

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Anonymous said...

Tail bone or end bone?? I suppose you have a point but it's not a sharp one...