Wednesday, May 17, 2006

'Conservative USA: An Unsettling Example'

I was particularly shocked to read the news in CNN. It goes on to show how crudely conservative certain pockets in the US are. (Read the original story here.)

The news read that an unmarried couple with multiple kids is going to be evicted on the basis of their 'unmarried' status. The little Missiouri town of "Black Jack" actually has a law that denies such rights! The actual law reads that more than three unmarried and unrelated people cannot live in the same house. A certain situation arose regarding an unmarried couple with three kids. They are being asked to leave the town due to their unmarried status only.

Whether extra-marital relations should be allowed or not is a complete other issue. I personally don't find anything wrong in it. I have seen too many marriages without love to know that love without marriage is a far better choice. The only formidable defense to this argument is religious restrictions.

I do believe that a certain group of people should have the right to frame their lifestyle in accordance with a way they prefer without contradicting the generally established ideals of the land. It is under this pretext that I support the idea of different states having different stances regarding issues like gay rights, euthanasia, abortion, or gambling.

It is quite clear that Black Jack's townsmen have opted on the side of inhumanity to uphold religion. I find it hypocretical to say the least. Look at the name of the town, for God's sakes. "Black Jack!!" Since when is gambling allowed in the gospels? Did the respected people of the town ever try to obtain a name different than arguably one of the most famous card games?

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