Thursday, August 03, 2006

'BUET & Lebanon'

[Recently in BUET: A student-protest to postpone the finals by a week was met with police-force. Some students attacked the teachers' quarters during the riot.]

The situation in BUET is similar to that in Lebanon.

The analogy might seem far-fetched to some, but it carries a similar message.

Cause-and-effect is a part of life, not an option or privilege. We see that here, too. True solution to any problem requires us to step back and identify the original incident that started the ripple-effect.

In case of Lebanon, it was the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers. It was a wrong, profane act. It deserved repremand and retalliation. Israel had the right to pursue aggressive tactics. It was OK as long as they took out selective targets.

However, continued rape and pillage of a country for three weeks, killing civilians including one-day old boys, etc are wrong. It is wrong because the "effect" is very DISPROPORTIONATE compared to the "cause". An Israeli life has its value, but so does a Lebanese life. Nothing justifies putting 350+ Lebanese lives beneath one Isreali life.

It's kind of same in BUET now. Whatever the cause, the final "effect" turned out to be violent attacks on teachers and their FAMILIES. However it is you have been wronged, my dear friends, that is the point where you lost the right to be on the receiving end of sympathy.

Nothing justifies it. Absolutely nothing. Just like nothing can justify Israel's offensive at the moment.

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