Wednesday, April 12, 2006

'Why Davids Win...'

[Written upon viewing of the Australia-Bangladesh test match at Fatullah, Dhaka.]

... inconfidence. Nothing flashy. No feat or frenzy. No shock of glory. Plain inconfidence. Nothing more, nothing less.

Davids win only because they get their acts together in time. I am yet to see a David that has been victorious by dint of sheer skill or supremacy. Heck, they wouldn't be David, then!

In every human being is the ability of performing every task with precision. I remember reading that you know the solution to every problem you face in life. Being able to discover or recall the solution in the nick of time is a matter of practise and purpose, not labor or genius. I am yet to commit myself to any side of the argument. However, I do agree that leaps of faith can be leaps for the ages.

Similar was the case when Bangladesh embarrassed Australia in the first test at Fatullah, Dhaka. It was minnows rolling the giants over. The reason was two-fold. One was the lack of thought, as in the case of Shahriar Nafees and Habibul Bashar. Other was the abundance of thought, as in the case of Rajin Saleh and Mohammed Rafique.

Indeed, it is the 'no-nonsense' attitude that guides Davids through unfriendly territories. Being against a Goliath is about knowing that even most 'right' acts can bring forth fatal results, let alone wrong ones. This is the only thing that prevents one from committing mistakes and enforces strict adherence to the book of basics. Beginner's luck, after all, is but a figurative expression of all these and the only driving force, unlikely as it might seem, is inconfidence to a benevolent extreme.


AuditiO Addabaaz said...

I could not watch the game so i can't really enjoy your analysis :(... still i gotta thnk u... at least i know one opinion now :) ... nice blog! keep posting :D

Ishtiaq Rouf said...

Thanks for your kind comments. Hope you'll read more.