Thursday, April 20, 2006

'An Islamic Case in Favor of Watching TV!'

Islamic scholars' approach towards television is a matter of confusion to me. Here I share with you an interesting argument against their position regarding televisions.

Despite not being the most pious one around, I do hold strong faith in my religion. It is a faith that is not comparable to any John Doe's* pride in his by-born religion. I believe of Islam to be the most 'progressive' religion out there. It was far ahead of its time when in was preached, it is still ahead of time in guiding our decisions. I praise Islam most for leaving some loose ends for scholars of the latter times to fill-in.

Many Islamic scholars have done well to perform their duties well by coming up with smart and progressive policies. Not in the case of television, though. It is the devil's box. It is a pathway to Hell-fire. It is as far away from Prophet Mohammed (sm) that can be. It is not what the Prophet (sm) did, it is not something he would endorse either, they say.

I always wondered why radio or internet were OK, but not television. I concluded that it is their innate failure to communicate that made them wary of televisions.

A striking argument I heard about it the other day in party was: "Prophet Mohammed (sm) never rode in a car, but we drive Pajeros without least bit of contempt. If this is acceptable, why should TV be rejected only because the Prophet (sm) never took a peek?"

Loved it!!

* John Doe denotes randomness, not Christianity.

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Monwar said...

Gotta love the Pajero comment.

Keep going, dost! I see the same sharpness coming back to you. Let your inhibitions disappear, o ye ever conforming but overtly rebellious one!! ;) Perhpas this is how to contain that rebelliousness and manage to stay a 'good boy'!